Functional Anatomy

Join biomechanist and fascia nerd ‘Sensei’ Derek as he takes you on a tour of this awesome material, exploring the construction, function and the movement applications it holds.   Learn more about the theory & language of the body. Explore the makeup of movement systems held within: the muscle, fascia and more superficial layers; everyone between bones and skin. Explore how stress and force alter these very systems, and how that influences our movement potential.


Sensei Derek brings a self contained anatomy module based off the (10 contact minimum / 20 hour) standard model that can be easily integrated in any yoga or movement teacher training. We go over the major data points of systems and pieces: major muscles and muscle groups, joints and movers, connective tissue basics and integration of nervous system. Sensei Derek brings a passionate and relatable eye to the nuts and bolts of anatomy that can be dense and hard to understand.


Holy Roller Vinyasa

Self Myofascial Release in Yoga


Your soft-tissue and myofascial system intimately connect your muscles, tendons, bones, nerves, blood vessels and organs.  They keep a detailed record of your past, affect you in the present, and influence your future. Our holding patterns, habits, go-to stances and even beliefs create and shape our form.  Movement practices, like yoga, move and work the body in an amazing and useful way. However there is more work to do. Self Myofascial relief is a practice of using specially designed tools to access, differentiate, explore and ultimately release adhesions and restrictions.  The Holy Roller perspective incorporates using this work to explore the beauty and full nature of these physical forms.

This 30 hour module is well suited for a 300 hour teacher training, or on its own as continuing education for yoga (and fitness / movement) instructors. Sensei Derek brings a deep understanding of connective tissue, and the principles of working with and creating change in these structures. You will learn the building blocks of this ubiquitous system, how to intelligently work with it and how to seamlessly integrate SMR into a movement practice or when working with private clients.