The Right way to do Things...

We come from Mystery and we return to Mystery and the ONLY thing that we can act on is the time in between..

So let's do that 

Really, really well...

The minute I hear about 'the right way' I feel the very cells in my body close up shop.  I have a visceral reaction to someone who KNOWS... Its borderline pathological.  And that trigger has, I'm quite sure, gotten me into pretty much every scuffle with every teacher I've come across.  It has shut down relationships before they've begun. This certainty I hold so dear has certainly made my path a narrow and often lonely one.  

Yet, as often as I examine the premise, and as muddy as I know it's origins to be... If there is one thing I know to be true, it is that there is no one answer, the is not some big-T  truth... There are truths, there are points of view, there are perspectives, there are paths.  

There are 7 billion people on this rock alone and there is truth in every one.  

Every path, at least I believe, leads to god... How long it takes isn't up to me.

Every perspective is valid, if for no other reason than it has been seen that way by someone.  

The irony of my conviction comes from a life largely spent believing that I happened to have this answer or that one. Having stores of data, and facts; having spent time with learned and experienced ones, I knew that if only I could get you to listen, actually hear me, I could set the whole world right.

The dark side of my belief was the underlying truth that if others agreed with me, I was worthy.  If I’m right, I’m valuable.  If I could make you wrong, I was more valuable.  If I knew the big-T truth then I mattered.


Another thing I know is how exhausting it is to be right.  I see it in the eyes of the street corner proselytists - who's compulsion to edify others keeps them up at night.  I know, intimately, the energy required to take on the world… 


On the flip side, it's untold how much ease comes with sitting back in your experience. Experience is an undeniable truth.  When we start assigning rights and wrongs to it, is where we go wrong.  There is some quote I can’t quite remember along the lines of:


Something happens that means nothing… we assign a meaning.  Thats when the problem starts. 

What if - instead - we shared our experience?

As just that?

Here is what I’ve seen… what I’ve done, what’s worked for me. Let me offer you this perspective for you to put into yours.  Where the facts mesh, take on new tools and ideas, where the conflict take the opportunity to look deeper.  

What if our desire was simply to share?

What if our value wasn’t tied to us being right? 

That’s what I’ve been working with lately.  

So here is my offer. 

Here is what I’ve seen.  

Do your work, your thing, your best… Do what you love and in a way that shows that love.  

Let the way that plays out be proof enough.  

Those who see it, will believe.  

Those who don’t, won’t be convinced. 

What I’ve found?  

When I’m spending my energy being me, It feels right.  It works.  When I’m spending that energy being right… I’m shown, time and time again how much work that is.