Thai Body / Energy Work

Thai Bodywork is based off of a practice said to have originated with the Buddha's physician Dr. Shivago Komarpaj.  The tractional work is heavily centered around rhythmic pressing and movement of the clients body following lines similar to Meridians, called Sen lines. The receiver may be positioned in a variety of yoga-like positions during the course of the massage, but deep static and rhythmic pressures form the core of the massage.The massage recipient changes into loose, comfortable clothes and lies on a mat or firm mattress on the floor. 

Sensei Derek incorporates his training of integrated alignment and facial release, along with various other therapeutic modalities to create a form of bodywork that is both healing and rejuvenating.  Specific acute issues can be addressed, or the sessions can be used to bring mobility and ease to the body as whole.

Derek also works on a deeply energetic and consciously aware level, allowing the process to be one of healing in multiple fields.  With each client and session we are able to taylor the work to handle exactly what needs to be focused on, and in doing so, provide the most benefit to each individual.