Festival Presenting


Sensei Derek is an experienced teacher, bringing his offerings to large international festivals as well as smaller local events. From Tokyo’s Yokahama Yoga Festival to the Wanderlust Festivals and urban 108 Mindful Triathlons all the way to Athleta and Lululemon Events, Sensei Derek brings his passion for movement, biomechanics and self care and healing to gatherings of all sizes.


Holy Roller

Self Myofascial Release with RAD Roller

Self MyoFascial Release

Working largely with RAD Roller, Sensei Derek brings his years of experience working with bodies and fascia to teach students of all experience levels the ins and outs of self myofascial release (SMR) work. We take the often misunderstood principles of foam rolling and make them accessible, interesting and fun. Classes range for strictly bodywork focused to the seamless integration of asana with SMR. The only downside is that it can be hard to get students to leave sessions.


Anatomy Intensives

Embodied Anatomy

Years spent in labs, and in front of every type of body imaginable come into play with Sensei Derek’s anatomy and biomechanics offerings. Often in the context of asana labs and playgrounds, Derek loves to introduce complex and sophisticated concepts to teachers and experienced practitioners, but the intensive nature of these offerings shouldn’t scare the newer students, learning the details is an awesome way to begin your yoga journey.


Teachers Classes

Sensei Derek is widely regarded as a ‘Teacher’s Teacher’ - His experience and knowledge base is well suited to add to any level teacher’s toolbox, providing the space for all styles of teacher and coach to raise the level of their understanding and offerings. Teachers Oriented classes like the Art of Adjustments and Sequencing are a great addition to festivals of all kinds.