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Holy Roller - Bodywork of the Gods

  • Kula Yoga Project 481 Broadway New York (map)

The Holy Roller class is a way to bring the therapeutic practice of Self Myofascial Release (SMR) to our yoga mat and practice.  Simply defined, SMR is a method of bodywork through which tools are used to develop greater ranges of motion and mobility throughout the entire physical form.  The effects of this technique are translated through the muscle fiber, the connective tissues surrounding and investing the muscle, nerve, CNS (central nervous system) and even skin and adipose tissue.

In this workshop, we will spend the majority of the time learning and implimenting some of the best and most accessable self myofascial relase techniques; incorperating some simple movements, asana, and stretches to make the most out of the freedom we unlock.  Come prepaired to move softly and with ease, not to get your stretchy cardio fix