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Organizing Chaos - An Asana Lab

  • Bella Prana Yoga 1112 W. Platt St. Tampa, FL 33606 (map)

We are forged in the crucible of trauma.  Our bodies: simply a response to the demands put upon them;  the pushes, pulls, stresses, loads, and abrasions of all sorts.  We are organized along the lines drawn into tension by every step we take. Every movement, every stance, every shape and transition ripples through us and leaves its imprint.  We are a beautiful and complicated outcome of all we persevere. While this permeates each of our layers, from the most subtle, outward - we will look at the body. In this asana lab, we will bring this - Growth as a Response to Trauma - eye to the sticky places.  As a group we will examine where we feel restricted, bound up, unable to reach, and explore new strategies to move more freely and practice as our whole selves.  Bring on your least favorite shapes, your Arch Nemesis of Asana and together we’ll take a methetocial and layered approach to unpacking what’s held within.

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