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Holy Roller - Divine Self Care

Your soft-tissue and myofascial system intimately connect your muscles, tendons, bones, nerves, blood vessels and organs. They keep a detailed record of your past, affect you in the present, and influence your future. While movement practices, such as yoga asana, help us to get into, learn about, and work these parts and systems. There is more work to do. This practice allows you to improve your health by learning how these systems work, and effective techniques to release the tension and restrictions held within...

Identify your areas of restriction
Release your restrictions with simple tools and techniques
Circulate blood, lymph, oxygen and nutrients throughout your body to promote healing
Flush out inflammation and accumulated acidic metabolic waste
Restore your health, mobility, posture, and sleep
Learn a little of the science behind, and how to use these specially designed tools to support and care for the most ubiquitous substance in the body - FASCIA and it's associated structures.

Earlier Event: September 29
Knowledge of the Details
Later Event: November 3
The AntiFragile Body - A Posture Lab