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The Way You Move

Come for one workshop or take the whole series.

This body we are in is amazing and complex. Those of us who love to move, whether in yoga asana, dance, running, or strength training know - to some extent - that there are layers going on under the surface that never seem to end. Join biomechanist and body nerd ‘Sensei’ Derek as he takes you on a tour of your awesome machine, studying the anatomy and function and the understanding movement applications they hold. Learn how to move more efficiently, effectively and with a new level of ease.

This workshop series is designed not only for yoga teachers, but also for trainers, coaches, movement professionals and dedicated students interested in deepening their understanding of the body and their asana practice. We will break the body into segments, studying the structures therein, the way they move and work together, and how each piece is integrated in asana. There will be light movement, lots of discussion and even some handouts.


2/20: Foot and Lower Leg

3/5: Knee to Hips

3/19: Torso

4/16: Shoulder Girdle

4/30: Arm, Wrist and Hand

5/14: Neck, Head and Spine


$150 Entire Series  $30/Each Pre-Registered

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